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Off to blogspot...

Dec. 28th, 2005 | 08:00 pm

I've been using LJ experimentally lately just to compare the community here to that I'm already used to on blogspot. At this point, I think I'm going to stick to updating only my blogspot account, so that I don't have to worry about maintaining two sites at once. So for those of you who are looking, you can find me here almost daily at: http://chatterboxchronicles.blogspot.com/ .


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Rumsfeld Spanks Media

Dec. 5th, 2005 | 10:31 pm

 Okay, this is AWESOME!! I found this on Real Clear Politics, on their blog site. I have to mention that I love Donald Rumsfeld. I have so much respect and admiration for him. In fact now that I think about it he should've been on my heroes list. And to show you what a political news junkie I am instead of having dreams about movie stars or other things I once had a dream that I met Donald Rumsfeld and got to have this great political discussion with him. Anyway all that to say I loved what this article had to say.

"Rumsfeld Spanks Media
I was under the impression Rumsfeld's speech at the SAIS today was about Iraq - and it was. But sandwiched between a recitation of Bush's "stay the course" rhetoric from the other day was a classic Rumsfeldian rebuke of the media's coverage of the war:

The media serves a valuable -- indeed an indispensable -- role in informing our society and holding government to account. But I would submit it is also important for the media to hold itself to account.

We have arrived at a strange time in this country where the worst about America and our military seems to be so quickly taken as truth by the press and reported and spread around the world -- with little or no context or scrutiny -- let alone correction or accountability -- even after the fact. Speed it appears is often the first goal, not accuracy, not context.

Recently there were claims by two Iraqis on a speaking tour that U.S. soldiers threw them in a cage with lions. Their charges were widely reported -- still without substantiation. Not too long ago, there was a false and damaging story about a Koran supposedly flushed down a toilet, and in the riots that followed people were killed. And a recent New York Times editorial implied America’s armed forces -- your armed forces -- use tactics reminiscent of Saddam Hussein.

I understand that there may be great pressure on them to tell a dramatic story. And while it is easy to use a bombing or a terrorist attack to support a belief that Iraq is a failure, that is not the accurate picture. And further, it is not good journalism.

Consider this: You couldn’t tell the full story of Iwo Jima simply by listing the nearly 26,000 American casualties over about 40 days; or explain the importance of Grant’s push to Virginia just by noting the savagery of the battles. So too, in Iraq, it is appropriate to note not only how many Americans have been killed -- and may God bless them and their families -- but what they died for -- or more accurately, what they lived for.

So I suggest to editors and reporters -- whose good intentions I take for granted -- to do some soul searching. To ask: how will history judge -- if it does -- the reporting decades from now when Iraq’s path is settled?

I would urge us all to make every effort to ensure we are telling the whole story. To take a moment for self-reflection and reassessment."


The line about asking reporters to do some soul searching is brilliant. I lOVE how Rumsfeld is one of the only conservatives that takes the media to task. Brit Hume once aired a clip from Saturday Night Live about Rumsfeld. It was hilarious. It showed how the media was scared of Rumsfeld and how he just made mincemeat of them. It was great. In a perfect world W should take lessons and be a little more "Rumsfeld" when dealing with the media. I can always dream.

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"Have You Forgotten?"

Dec. 5th, 2005 | 12:48 am

 I just wanted to make a quick post about some images that I discovered and now have on the side of my blog. I was at Rebekah's blog and saw these images from 9/11 on there. I think it is SO IMPORTANT never to forget 9/11. Like Darryl Worley says in his awesome song, "Have You Forgotten?" these images should be on TV a lot more so it wouldn't be so easy for people to forget. You can go to Cap'n Bob's to get them on yours too if you like them.

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Favorite TV Shows

Dec. 3rd, 2005 | 01:14 am


Favorite TV Shows

Mahndisa did a post awhile back on favorite Tv shows. I meant to do one right after her and I had to go out of town and other more pressing subjects came up so it was delayed. Since I have a nightmare weekend ahead of me (between my 4 kids we have gymnastics, karate, 2 birthday parties and choir rehearsal tomorrow). Plus my youngest son is having his 6th Birthday party on sunday and somewhere in between all of this I'm supposed to put my tree up and decorate my house. I get tired just thinking about it. Anyway all of this to say I wanted to post a light, fun subject for the weekend.

I must confess that after being a political news junkie I am also into movies and TV and pop culture. I am fairly selective but my interests range from "Legally Blonde" to "Black Hawk Down" so go figure. In college everyone tried to figure out how I could be into Harley Davidsons and Precious Moments at the same time. I have varied interests. I've also noticed that between my 2 daughters they make up my complete personality. The older one is the "precious moments" side of me and the younger one is definitely the "Harley Davidson" side of me :-). Coincidentally we named the younger one Harley so what did I expect :-)?

All that aside here are some of my favorite TV shows from the past and present. Let me know what some of your favorites are.

TV Shows

1) Little House on the Prairie (oldie but goodie, whenever life is bad put a LHOP episode in and everything is right with the world :-))
2) Alias (Love this show, wish I could be Sydney :-))
3) 24 (Gotta love Kiefer Sutherland)
4) That 70's Show (I just started watching the reruns of this lately and it is hilarious. I have never watched a show that made me laugh as much.)
5) Seinfeld (my favorite comedy, all of my friends know that I consider EVERYTHING in life relates to a seinfeld episode, and it is amazing how many times it comes up)
6) Survivor (yes I'm into some reality shows, my kids and I actually watch this together)
7) ER
8) Dawson's Creek (Okay so I have to confess I like some of the melodrama :-))
9) Fear Factor (my daughter and I would to like to go on this show)
10) Roswell (Most of you have probably never heard of this show. One of my very close friends got me hooked on watching all 3 seasons of this. The 1st season is awesome and then they torture you in seasons 2 & 3. Despite all the torture it was still a great show :-).

I have more but those will do for now. Let me know your favorites. I think we are always surprised at what shows we think people will like and then what they actually do like.

P.S. I must admit that it was a lot of fun everytime I came to my blog yesterday and saw my title from that post "Hillary Clinton can kiss my butt" :-).

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"Hillary Clinton Can Kiss My Butt"

Dec. 1st, 2005 | 11:25 pm

Okay, 3 guesses which conservative said this. Guess what? It wasn't a conservative but our favorite left-leaning Hollywood Activist, Tim Robbins. I personally loved Robbins in "Shawshank Redemption" but other than that his activism has gotten pretty loony.

Apparently he was on Air America this morning. I guess he is upset with Hillary for pretending to be a moderate by saying certain things about the war. So among his comments he said "Hillary Clinton can kiss my butt...". That just made my day and I got a good laugh out of it.

I also read today that Hillary may be getting some competition from the green party in '08. If you're a democrat it is quite the dilemma. Either appease the Michael Moores of the world by being a leftist loony or try pretending to be a centrist and get competition from the green party. What is a liberal democrat to do?



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Bush's Annapolis Speech

Nov. 30th, 2005 | 07:00 pm

Bush's speech today was awesome. Here are some excerpts. The part where he talks about Corporal Starr was especially moving and inspirational to me.

Excerpts from Bush's SpeechCollapse )

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Some of my heroes

Nov. 30th, 2005 | 06:56 pm

For those of us who are Christians obviously Jesus is our main hero but aside from that and people in our personal lives who have impacted us who are your heroes? Here is a list of my current top 15. These are people I respect and admire and who I consider to have done heroic type things in my mind. They aren't in any particular order. None of these men and women are perfect since we all have our flaws but they've made a difference. I'm very curious as to who others would name as their heroes.  Let me know who some of your heroes are.


1) Ronald Reagan
2) George W. Bush
3) Rush Limbaugh
4) Sean Hannity
5) Ann Coulter
6) Michael Landon
7) Mel Gibson
8) John Walsh
9) James Dobson
10) William Wallace
11) George Washington
12) Abraham Lincoln
13) Antonin Scalia
14) Clarence Thomas
15) Teddy Roosevelt

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Sex Offender Registry

Nov. 29th, 2005 | 09:57 pm

I was on the way home from my trip and I heard John Walsh make a passioned plea on Hannity's show for these bills to go through the senate and the house. I think these bills are really important. It could make such a huge difference in keeping our kids safe. I called both of my senators and my representative today asking them to support SB 1086 in the senate and HR 3132 in the House. I encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to do this. If the bills get held up they will have to start all over next year. Below is an article from Focus on the Family explaining everything.

Crime-Fighting Icon Urges Congress to Act

John Walsh, host of "America's Most Wanted," appealed to
Congress today to sign into law more stringent
sex-offender registry guidelines before year's end.

Walsh, whose son was abducted and murdered in 1981, is
co-founder of the National Center for Missing and
Exploited Children (NCMEC). NCMEC is a key contributor to
H.R. 3132 and S. 1086 -- identical bills that would create
a national system for sex-offender registry and community

"How many more children and other victims need to suffer
before our elected officials do the right thing and pass
this legislation?" Walsh said. "Enough is enough. We see
what these predators do and we know how easily they

Currently lawmakers are set to adjourn without sending a
bill to President Bush.

Ernie Allen, president and CEO of NCMEC, said keeping the
ball rolling on such an important bill is critical.

"We can't wait another week, another month, another year,
for this legislation to become law," Allen said.
"Statistics from the U.S. Justice Department show that 67
percent or reported sexual assault victims are children.
This is powerful testimony to the fact that children are
at risk and we must do something to stop it. Passing this
legislation, this year, will be a step forward in helping
to reduce the risk."

Walsh agreed that lawmakers need to act quickly.

"They owe it to Carlie Brucia, Jessica Lunsford, Shasta
Groene and all the other precious children show were
abducted, abused and murdered by repeat sex offenders," he

TAKE ACTION: You can find contact information for your
senators and representative in Congress in the CitizenLink
Action Center

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Good News

Nov. 29th, 2005 | 09:54 pm


Good News

I took the weekend off from blogging and now I feel like I have too many issues that I want to talk about. So I will highlight some very encouraging articles that I've come across recently. The first is the pictures of Cindy Sheehan sitting alone at her book signing table. It has been mentioned by Rush and others that her protests and her supposed crowds of supporters has been over exaggerated by the media. Amazingly the media exposed itself by showing these pictures of no one showing up here. It is encouraging to know that the average American doesn't support this treasonous behavior.

I found great delight in this next article. Just the title alone is awesome. "Scalia scolds Franken at celeb event in NYC". Scalia said, "My kids have been working on me to get out and do more public appearances....They think it makes it harder to demonize you-and I agree." Can we say amen to that? Most of us know by seeing just a small amount of Scalia's intellect that he could run circles around Franken but it is still nice to see it just the same :-).

This article encouraged me and gave me an even greater respect for Bruce Willis. "Willis film to show diehard GIs 'fighting for freedom'". It is so frustrating to like war movies and to want to watch accurate portrayals of conflicts and have to put up with politically correct and/or liberals' versions of war. So this was very refreshing and I look forward to seeing this movie.

This last article is also good news after all the Bush bashing. "Truman bounced back--so will Bush". Some guy was on one of the Sunday Morning talk shows yesterday talking about how the American people have lost all faith with Bush, blah, blah, blah... I'm sure thats what he's hoping for but I don't think so. Clinton & Reagan both bounced back from similar poll numbers so give me a break.

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A Legacy

Nov. 23rd, 2005 | 06:04 pm
mood: thoughtfulreflective

 As I was reflecting on my Pastor's memorial service what stood out to me the most was what an awesome legacy he left. After reading what was written about him by his wife and children I sat in awe. I realized that not only had he been a great pastor who loved and encouraged people but he had been a great dad and husband. Anyone who is a CEO of a company down to a pastor of a church faces the temptation to be a workaholic. Many people in ministry let the demands of ministry (which are many) sometimes cause them to neglect their family. Franklin Graham has even admitted that his dad wasn't around enough. My pastor said "I consider my life to be a success because our two children love the Lord."

I watched his daughter and her strength as she played her dad's favorite songs at the service. His son gave the message. I had known him as a kid growing up and so even though I knew he was now a Pastor of his own church it was still hard for me to picture. His message was very moving and the greatest portrait of a living legacy of his dad. He referenced sayings and scriptures that were important to his dad. His mannerisms and even his voice reminded me of his dad. But his humor and message was his own and an awesome tribute. I have read John 11 and heard messages on it before but he had my attention from beginning to end. It was about listening to God and faith. And at the end he teared up (I still get tears in my eyes) and he said that we should be wanting to join Pastor in heaven not want him to be back down here with us. Those words are hard to hear but meaningful all in one. I think all of us hold on a little too tightly to this world. I know I do.

One of my brothers came a long ways to be at the service also. As we were talking we realized that the biggest reason Pastor had meant so much to us was because we knew he cared about us. It was amazing how many people went to great lengths to come to the service because of what Pastor had meant to them. As a result his death leaves a big hole. But he also leaves a great legacy. Nichole Nordeman sings a song called Legacy. Here are a few words from the song that I think apply:

I want to leave a legacy
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough
To make a mark on things?
I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace who
blessed your name unapologetically
And leave that kind of legacy

There was a "Little House on the Prairie" epidsode called "The Legacy". Charles thinks he needs to make these tables with his initials on them so he can be remembered. But in the process he starts neglecting his family. He ultimately realizes that his family & his children are his legacy.

As I reflect on all this I see how important our relationships are. We all think we need to do something "important" with our life and we all do have a purpose. But our legacy will be left by the lives we touch. Whether it be our family, our children or others that we have reached out to.

My Pastor touched people's lives to draw them to the Lord. So in honor of him my quote of the week will be "Stay Straight with the Lord" and my verse will be Romans 10:17--So faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Because thats what he wanted people to know.

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